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It's estimated that 90% of users of MS-EXCEL use less than 10% of the product!!!!

Are YOU part of that 10%?

                Do You Have................

    Data repeated in lots of spreadsheets?

    Other users messing up your spreadsheets?

    Unable to access all of the data you need?

    Still have paper records?

    Validation & Consolidation problems?

     Problems with mail-merge?




    Just can't get the hang of it!

    It's too complicated!

    I haven't got the time!






We can look at your current spreadsheets, data collection & organisation, information needs and modify, enhance or create new spreadsheets to significantly improve your present operation.


Areas of possible improvement............

Allowing multiple users, Pivot tables, Security & protection, importing data, validation, data grouping, worksheet & cell linking.

Or simply re-organising the information.



We have a huge portfolio of systems developed in a wide range of market sectors (farming, transport, sports events, accounts, sales & marketing, etc.).  Development can be undertaken on a fixed-price or T&M contract.


We are so confident that our development or enhancements will prove to be very beneficial to you that we


if you are not satisfied!

Contact us for more information and a general discussion at excel-expert@compleit.co.uk or 07770 440 880