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To enable your organisation realise the full potential of its IT infrastructure, we provide a comprehensive range of essential services.

Bookkeeping & Payroll              >         

Fully computerised bookkeeping service.  

HMC&R approved payroll processing service.

Business Continuity & Disaster Recovery            >
Without a tested Business Continuity Plan in place, the chances of your company surviving following a major disaster are very limited. 
Excel Expert         >
Utilise our extensive knowledge of Excel (& Word) to vastly improve your data & information operational effectiveness.
Paper Reduction Programme           >

This is NOT the paperless office. Paper is costly to handle, slow to move and expensive to store. Our Paper Reduction Programme utilises best practice and many of the standard office applications to drastically reduce cost  overheads to realise significant bottom line savings and significant improvements in productivity.

Training        >
Increase your staff worth and efficiency by undertaking effective, comprehensive and targeted training.
General Consultancy         >
The CompleiT consultancy service utilises our extensive business knowledge to provide objective and impartial advice on every facet of your IT/Business needs.
Web Site Development & Enhancement          >
A well developed web site is your most powerful marketing tool and enabler of business enhancement. CompleiT will design, produce and maintain your internet (& intranet) presence.
Installation & Configuration         >
Specification, installation and configuration of any part or your complete IT network & infrastructure.

Operational Support          >

Complete support of your entire IT systems and applications.