Farm Records System

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FRS is a specialist application developed for agricultural farms to control their growing fields and crop storage.

Field Management  

Based upon the harvesting year, FRS tracks and monitors all activities relating to the crops you grow, harvest & store

Manage multiple farms - no problem, FRS facilitates this.

Complete management of all of your fields, the crop & variety that is grown, providing yield statistics (both estimated & actual) throughout the entire farm and/or all farms managed.


Field preparation and cultivation details and ground management details recorded.


Harvesting & Storage

At harvest time monitor and record tonnage cropped and where it is stored (either on-site or off).

Cleaning and drying harvested crops can be a substantial expense. FRS records this activity so that realistic on-charging rates are derived.

If you store grain for others, no problem. The delivery is assigned both haulier details and owner details so that delivery tracking is maintained.

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Key Features

  • Multi-client/farm
  • Up to 225 growing fields & pastures maintained
  • Field preparation details
  • Multiple crops supported
  • Crop yields - estimated & actual
  • Crop Storage
  • Crop Movements (in & out of store)

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