Paper Reduction Programme

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The paperless office is a myth - FACT.                         We will never totally remove paper from the office environment. 


The Paper Reduction Programme (PRP) is a coordinated set of projects & activities that radically changes how your company deals with paper. It is NOT paper elimination but paper reduction.


You must seriously consider your paper usage in and around the office. How to communicate far more efficiently with your customers AND suppliers.

By improving the paper flow throughout your organisation significant bottom-line cost savings will be obtained. 


The Paper Reduction Programme considers the entire paper & data flow within your organisation.



Paper is expensive to buy, it is very expensive to store - especially archival storage and information retrieval is very slow and prone to error & omission.








The programme delivers an enhanced complimentary operational model. Staff know where the information that they need to do their job is located. How many times is the required document not filed in the correct place and thus a lot of time is wasted in trying to locate it? An appropriate document management process & system in place will eradicate most if all of these occurances.

With the archival & destruction policy in place they know where historical information is kept and when it can be destroyed. 

Making good use of IT is crucial to the success of the programme. Providing targeted & bespoke training to the appropriate personnel is another important element.

Usually there is limited additional outlay required. Most organisations already have the software in place but it is just not used correctly. 

The Paper Reduction Programme has the following basic elements:

  • Initial Investigation/Audit
  • Programme design & agreement
  • Implementation
  • Acceptance & Quality Criteria
  • Delivery 



Key Benefits

  • Significantly reduced operating costs
  • Radically enhanced staff efficiency
  • Improved data access & retrieval
  • Organised data & information archival



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